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For more than 25 years, our priority is to accompany our customer towards attaining the organizational objectives. Our range of automation and robotization services is thus adapted to your needs; from the creation of the concept, up to its implementation. Our solutions integrate regularly the manipulation of complex forms and the advanced technologies of artificial vision, spectroscopy, and of surface laser treatment.

Our mission

Our team imagines, implements, and innovates with an interactive design method with customers (G-KDM), complete automated assembly and custom-made robotic solutions with added value to the manufacturing industry, which experiences multiple production challenges. Thanks to our methodology, our experienced engineering and manufacturing team, in collaboration with the customers, develops turn-key solutions meeting their profitability and performance requirements.


Donald Turcotte, Eng.


President and founder of Génik, Donald Turcotte, engineer, has always had a passion for mechanics and automation, through the evolution of tangible manufacturing solutions, oriented towards efficiency and productivity. For over 23 years, Mr. Turcotte has developed extensive professional skills and in-depth technical knowledge in the mechanical design area, whether using index machine concepts or using his trusted expertise in continuous motion high speed machine also being aware of value added production notions (PVA). Dedicated to a strongly innovating clientele, his business relations are based rest on his great listening capacity and his global comprehension of the organizational challenges. Visionary, he gets actively involved in continuous improvement, so that Génik will be positioned as one of the most significant companies for automation solutions in Quebec.

An active member of the Regroupement des chefs d'entreprises, Donald is also president of the Regroupement des entreprises en automatisation industrielle (REAI).

Marc Lussier

Technical Advisor

Co-founder of Génik, has as much passion for design as for manufacturing, Marc Lussier studied in Mechanical Engineering at the Polytechnique Montréal School.

His ability to design complex plans, sustained by his capacity to resolve problems, as well as his diversified experience in assembling and in machining; make Marc a top notch technical advisor. In fact, he ensures a streamlined collaboration between the engineering and manufacturing departments. He counsels and supports the engineering teams in the development of high-tech equipment. His contribution to the complex projects brings a truly added value to the product, and permits efficient solutions to the problems and challenges of production.

Patrick Gariépy, Eng.

Director of Engineering, Sales and R & D

Patrick is the Director of Engineering, Sales and R & D at Génik, where is employed since 1994. He obtained a diploma in mechanical engineering at the Polytechnique Montréal School and possesses unique competency in automation. Patrick is distinguished by his capacity to align the plant’s business problems with innovative solutions. Head of his practice, Patrick leads a team of professionals and technicians to succeed in highly sophisticated technical and industrial challenges.

He is, moreover, the instigator of the G-KDM methodology, offering very decisive results to his customers, particularly in the automobile, the steel transformation and the plastic transformation sectors. Besides having a global approach in design and being up-to-date with the best engineering practices, his creativity and his ingenuity allowed him to present innovative production solutions to such organizations as Bathium, Orica or Sogefi.

Marc Bergeron

Production Manager

Marc Bergeron is Production Manager at Génik since 1995; where he implemented the principles of LEAN manufacturing processes optimization. This system, supported by the efficient interaction of its manufacturing team with engineering, brings great improvements to the finished products. Marc is backed up by a devoted and multi-disciplinary team, thus improving productivity. Having a strong ability to work in a complex and dynamic environment, he maximizes the use of resources in order to meet the delivery terms and deadlines.

Before joining the Génik team, Marc worked in the construction sector, on large international projects, as a civil engineer, which brings him an expertise in project management, planning of work flow and in human resource management. The projects fulfilled in James Bay, in Russia and in China, particularly gave him a larger perspective of different cultures and behaviours worldwide.

Besides his professional activities, Marc is actively involved in his community, especially in sports.

Daniel Lemay, Eng.

Project Manager

Mechanical engineer since 1995, Daniel Lemay has more than fifteen years experience in mechanical design and in consulting services. Before becoming Project Manager, Mr. Lemay was a designer, and in charge of projects for many manufacturing companies, giving him a vast comprehension of the processes and organizational challenges as well as a global design approach.

Over the years, he has developed technical expertise on production methods, particularly on feeding systems, the “web edge guiding” and assembling. His knowledge and expertise is a great advantage when evaluating high-tech projects for customers working in the automobile, concrete processing, explosives, packaging manufacturers sectors, and mostly in the automation industry.

Continuously listening to the needs, he establishes long-term business relationships with great ease and consolidates long lasting bonds, sharing his customers’ preoccupations with the teams involved in different projects.


Récipiendaire du Prix Innovation Gala Zénith de la Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de St-Jérôme (2013)

Certificat Engagement Investissement Compétences de la Commission des partenaires du marché du travail (2013)

Récipiendaire du prix Gestion stratégique Gestion des ressources humaines Gala Zénith de la Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de St-Jérôme (2012)

Récipiendaire du Mérite du français dans la PME Office québécois de la Langue française (2011)


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