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For over 20 years, our priority has been to support our customers towards attaining their organizational objectives. Our range of automation and robotization services is thus adapted to the customer’s needs; from concept development up to the project’s implementation. Our solutions integrate, on an on-going basis, the manipulation of complex forms and the advanced technologies of artificial vision, spectroscopy, and surface laser treatment.
Our global vision of a project is supported by our trusted multidisciplinarity in the following services:

The G-KDM Method

The G-KDM methodology: An unavoidable practice to be integrated into your innovation and development process!

Are you looking for optimal solutions, in order to eliminate waste, increase the quality of the products offered, reduce cycle times, or design easy-to-manufacture products?

The G-KDM allows us to identify, analyse, and resolve operational problems in production. This rigorous initiative explores different avenues for value added solutions.

  • Identify problems, opportunities, and current challenges;1
  • Generate innovative and efficient solutions in a continuous improvement or new equipment creation context;2
  • Establish facts and determine constraints;3
  • Analyse solutions by different role players;4
  • Evaluate benefits;5
  • Elaborate and recommend action and follow-up plans.6

The G-KDM methodology adds value to our consulting services.

Many organizations have given testimonials on the advantage of this innovative methodology, identifying the concrete and real improvements to be integrated into production.

Do you want to innovate or design new products? The G-KDM methodology will become an essential practice to be integrated into your innovation and development process.

In fact, the equipment analysis needed for their manufacture or even for risk management is inserted within the innovation process through the following steps:

• Which product to innovate or to create;
• How to proceed with its development;
• How to integrate the design and production steps;
• How this new or improved product will be integrated into the actual production line.

Génik Consulting

Our engineering-consulting services give companies an opportunity to access unique automation know-how. We support customers throughout the different innovation and design steps:

From the emergence of the idea up to the realization of effective and efficient equipment.

According to your needs, our consulting services offer :
1- A periodic involvement, integrating our senior design engineers, with your R & D and product innovation teams.

2- An exhaustive investigation of available methods and equipment in order to answer your productivity and continuous improvement challenges.

3- Timely interventions to evaluate your production line improving its efficiency, safety, and performance.

These consulting services, based on our comprehension and our involvement, are performed in collaboration with management and operating centers.


For over 20 years, Génik has been actively involved in equipment engineering, enabling the production of a new product or the improvement in the manufacturing of an existing product.

Our extensive knowledge of production environments gives us a great advantage throughout the different engineering steps.

The design of equipment consists of making an outline of the concept. Our team will proceed with a design review and calculate the components as well as prepare electrical and mechanical plans, control component architecture, and sequence diagram. A three dimensional model will be created.

Safety is a crucial step in the engineering process. Our specialists will analyse the risks and define requirements and components to meet the equipment safety standards.

Programming: Our expertise offers a variety of skills related to robotic programming, PLC, SCADA, including other miscellaneous process controllers. We also offer automated data processing programming, as well as GRAFCET.

Documentation: This includes the operating manual, as well as the maintenance procedures. It also offers electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, and vacuum diagrams. The equipment manufactured by Génik is documented facilitating the reproduction of spare parts.

User training is performed by our team of specialists who has extensive knowledge with new equipment operations and safety guidelines. Additional training is offered as needed.

Continuous improvement: The actual core of the engineering services consists of offering tangible solutions either to improve the existing equipment, to complement it, to increase its safety, or to optimize its processing capability.


Génik owes its excellent reputation to its consulting services, which are demonstrated in the concrete realization of manufacturing equipment. Our organization has a talented team of machinists, welders, and painters, who manufacture and inspect

all equipment parts required to meet your needs. Our experienced technicians notice improvements on engineering plans and actively interact in synergy with the team to create quality equipment.

1. Cost evaluation of parts;
2. Material cutting;
3. Machining (CNC and conventional);
4. Welding;
5. Finishing: Includes deburring, cleaning, painting processes, and Lubrite technology;
6. Inspection and metrology (issuance of a certificate of compliance);
7. Management of subcontracting for significantly large parts or for parts having a particular specialization;
8. Packaging and transportation.

Assembly and Installation

The assembly of state-of-the art equipment also requires a trusted expertise. Génik introduces systematic steps, in order to ensure quality assembly.

• Control of parts and components
• Mechanical assembly
• Electrical assembly, particularly control and electrical panels
• Start-up
• Replacement parts
• Customer approval of start-up

Our installation service allows your team to adapt to your equipment, upon its delivery. We are involved with transportation activities, onsite physical installation, start-up, testing and trials on the assembly line, as well as monitoring the benefits provided by the new equipment.

Génik’s installation team validates the users’ training and makes sure that the written documentation is in place.

Our installation service team can completely re-organized your plant layout or relocate your equipment to a new location. The re-installation of your equipment is done by our installation team trained for this task.


The development activities enable the optimization of your equipment and, consequently, increase your organizational performance.

Our personalized trainings are in constant evolution, since we are concerned to adequately fulfill your needs.

Customer Service

We propose tangible and innovative solutions, adapted to your environment.

Whether it is to improve equipment already in place, to increase product quality, or to insert new functionalities, your complete satisfaction will rest upon our comprehension of your aspirations and on the adequate integration of the changes brought to your current operations.