Robotisation industrielle et automation

With Génik… Imagine, Implement, and Innovate! Solutions Industries

Custom-made solutions

For over 20 years, our priority has been to support our customers towards attaining their organizational objectives. Our range of automation and robotization services is thus adapted to the customer’s needs; from concept development up to the project’s implementation. Our solutions integrate, on an on-going basis, the manipulation of complex forms and the advanced technologies of artificial vision, spectroscopy, and surface laser treatment

With Génik… Imagine, Implement, and Innovate!

Automobile and Transportation

The automobile and transportation sectors are in constant evolution. Therefore, the different companies working in that domain must have the ability to rapidly adapt to new realities and the increasing technical requirements.

Thanks to our innovative methodology, the G-KDM (Génik-Kaizain-Dezain Methods), our experienced engineering and manufacturing team, in collaboration with the customers, develop turn-key innovative automation solutions, meeting their different challenges, as well as, their profitability and performance requirements.

The different aspects of automation in the automobile and transport industry are characterized by numerous manufacturing and integrating processes.

We are constantly concerned with health and safety in the work place while focusing our efforts to increase productivity in the development of state-of-the-art equipment.  We support our customers with the best practices and adhere to the necessary regulations in order to maintain and meet their innovative needs and ensure an excellent after-sale service.

Aeronautics and High Technology

Each year Canada invests more than one billion dollars in Research & Development in the Aerospace industry. Consequently, this industry requires unique specializations and trusted skills to serve this high-tech sector. Our expertise in this field of activity, as well as our

rigor of execution, allows us to hold an enviable place in the development of custom-made equipment and industrial tools, meeting the precision and performance standards in the aerospace industry.

Innovate equipment in the energy sector

The industrial evolution of these past years brought new players into the manufacturing environment. The field of energy is now an industry of its own. Génik has the knowledge and the technical skills, which allow us to offer a personalized consulting service to component and product manufacturers in the energy field, as well as, to create equipment meeting the requirements of that environment. Our broad spectrum of achievements and research makes us

a key player in the development of high-tech equipment, sought by original equipment manufacturers and integrators, collectively called OEM. Our team of designers and specialists, who are at the cutting edge of technology, bring a truly added value to the industry’s needs.

Our innovative approach, called G-KDM (Génik-Kaizen-Dezain Methods), permits us to identify, analyze, and resolve the underlying production operation problems. This rigorous initiative explores different value added solution avenues and even integrates with the innovation,

continuous improvement, and new product design processes, directly at the customer’s location.

The G-KDM offers an endless pool of collective creativity, while developing more durable consumer products. Our creativity in the various projects allows us to design less energy-consuming equipment, reducing our ecological imprint, optimizing the use of raw materials, reducing the quantity of waste and pollutants emitted into the atmosphere.


The custom-made equipment that we design and produce are found in many plants in Canada as well as other parts of the world.

Our business ventures permitted American, English, French, Chinese, and Thai manufacturers to benefit from our innovations and our expertise.

Providing productivity gains for companies in the metal sector

The metal industry is experiencing many changes not only in its needs and optimization in manufacturing, but also in its transformation. The involvement of our technical team brings real added value to the product design, which perfectly meets the structure of the desired line, even advancing beyond the objectives of the decision-makers.


Reinventing the wood transformation industry

Our vast comprehension of the different steps, as well as the various technologies to integrate (mechanical, electrical, artificial vision, computer science) to optimize wood cutting in sawmills allows us to develop and to design, in collaboration with the customer, economic, robust, and effective solutions.


Supporting the competitive strength of plastic product manufacturers

The plastic and composite fields are encountering great challenges with regards to the recycling and the treatment of chemical components. Along with our automation know-how, we also have expertise in mold manufacturing and mold modification. In addition, the ingenuity of our team members involves collaboration at all levels, starting with research & development, and in doing so is always concerned with offering the best solution to enable the desired return on investment (R.O.I.).


Manufacturing production related to building material

Our numerous equipment designs and manufacturing accomplishments place us in a desirable position among the material manufacturers of concrete and cement, doors and windows, as well as shingles.

Many organizations have given testimonials on the advantage of our innovative problem solving methodology, the G-KDM (Génik-Kaizen-Dezain Methods), which identify concrete and genuine improvements, such as:  waste reduction, increase in product quality, reduction in response and cycle times, design of easy-to-manufacture projects, while obtaining a substantial return on investment.

We are proud to partner with world-class companies that own factories around the world which are using state-of-the-art equipment, developed from our site.

We are not only involved in the replacement or modification of already existing equipment, our team of professionals also actively works with its customers’ teams to understand and guide them towards a global performance improvement by means of the G-KDM workshops. This is how we create true value for our customers.